Permanent Makeup/cosmetic tattooing

by Corey

    • At Organic Roots Salon and Spa


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Custom designed brows to perfectly match your facial features and skin tone

Nano/Ombre/Powder Brows 

Starting at $600


eye liner

Enhance your lash line and add on a top and/or bottom eye liner

Starting at $350 for basic enhancement

$600 for top and bottom liner



Lip blushing or Ombre lips

All lips have a blue undertone that can be minimized 

Color choices to match your style and skin tone



Color Correction

Faded or discolored microblading, eyeliner and lips can be corrected 

Color choices to match your style and skin tone

Consultation for prices $


In person consultations $50        At this appointment, we will discuss your various options and colors.  $50 fee credited if service completed within 3 months.

Email consultations FREE        Send me a photo of you with makeup and a photo of you without makeup and tell me about your desired service and look.  


Not everyone is a good candidate for Permanent Cosmetics.  A pre-screening form must be filled out and returned before your service can be booked.

It’s always a good idea to check with your physician or dermatologist before booking Permanent Cosmetics services.


Be prepared for your appointment to last for up to 3 hours.  You will be emailed pre-appointment instructions.  It’s important to follow the instructions for optimal results.

I operate by appointment only.  I’d love to help you reach your permanent makeup goals.  I strongly recommend a 4-6 week touch-up perfecting appointment after your initial service.


Permanent Makeup Artist

corey fates

Licensed as a Micropigmentation Artist in the State of Maine, Corey is a well-rounded and professional artist with a true eye for detail.  Trained and graduated from the Prettyology Academy in Boston, Massachusetts, Corey is from Maine and lives with her daughter and her two dogs.  She is enthusiastic about helping people achieve their desired makeup look. 

I am using the finest pigments on the market by Tina Davies

Tina Davies I Love Ink is Vegan and Cruelty-Free

 I Love Ink pigment line pass all health and safety guidelines, but is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.




My studio is clean and inviting.  I use single use needles, also by Tina Davies, that come in individual sterile packaging.  Everything will be sanitized and single use and I will be wearing sterile nitrile gloves and a face mask during your procedure.  You will be required to fill out health history paperwork prior to your procedure.  You must be 18+ years of age.  Before and after photos are required but will only be published with your consent.

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You may be interested in permanent makeup for many different reasons

-Unsteady hands

-Poor eyesight

-Difficulty applying makeup

-Allergies to traditional makeup


-After Chemotherapy

-Loss of brows or lashes for numerous reasons

-Low maintenance makeup



My Work

These are some samples of my work.  I’m so excited about how good everyone looks!  

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